Relationship Construction 101

Building healthy relationships from the ground up ...
1 to 6 p.m. Saturday, November 4 at Sisters of Solace, Westport MA  

Everything important in our lives centers around our relationships. Romantic, family, friendships, career ... they all support joy and happiness if the relationships are healthy and strong.

What does a healthy relationship look like? What does it consist of? How do you achieve it? What tools can you use to improve the relationships you have or build the ones you want?

Join Glenn Ambrose and Kerry Cudmore for an enlightening, interactive experience that will answer these questions and help you blast through what's been holding you back from living the joyful life you desire.

The opportunity to bend steel rebar with our throats will be the symbolic action we'll take to launch us into our new way of Being (this exercise is optional).

You'll return to your life with completely new perspectives; filled with the focus, confidence and know-how to enhance all the relationships in your life






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Kerry Cudmore

PO Box N237

Westport, MA  02790


To register by phone, contact Kerry: 508-636-6549