The Spiritual Finance Initiative

Changing our individual and collective relationship with money ...


Kerry Cudmore is committed to relieving the pain and suffering that results from financial struggle by transforming our individual, and collective, relationship to money and finance. This has inspired her to teach her Spiritual Finance class series to hundreds of people since 2008—regardless of ability to pay. She does this by automatically furnishing full scholarships to people who are truly interested in transforming their relationship to money and finance. As of winter, 2016 the total amount of scholarships given to participants exceeds $100,000. This is the Spiritual Finance Initiative.


Individually and collectively, it is time to change our relationship with money. To leave behind the struggle, stress and suffering and create something very different. Money is a tool that is meant to support the expression of your unique gifts and talents. The Spiritual Finance class series is designed to transform our core relationship with money. It is meant to provide benefit to people in all types of life situations. Young, old, rich, poor, middle-class, the financially adept, the financially reluctant ... anyone can learn to enhance their relationship to money via this highly effective class series. The price for this series is $300, but everyone is automatically given a full scholarship.


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Please help relieve the pain and suffering that results from financial struggle by supporting this Initiative to transform our individual, and collective, relationship to money and finance. Here are some ways you can support this valuable work:


• Read, and share, the book: "A New Relationship With Money," which is a wonderful introduction to the Spiritual Finance perspective.


• Take the class! If you would benefit from transforming your relationship to money and finance, this class will help you.


• Organize a class. Class series are currently being scheduled. Please connect if you would like to sponsor this class in your venue.


• Spread the word! Let people know about this opportunity! Or, if you know someone who would benefit from transforming their relationship to money, please tell them about the class series.


• Become a Spiritual Finance Initiative Sustainer by contributing a set amount each month. (Options offered below; if you have a different amount in mind, feel free to request a customized link.) You can cancel anytime:






• Make a one-time contribution online. (You will select the amount on the next page.):




• Make a contribution by check, made payable to:

 Kerry Cudmore

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