Spiritual Finance



"The Spiritual Finance class has had a powerful impact on my entire life. I believe that this has been the most impactful class/seminar I have ever taken. It has taken me from being unaware to a place of awareness. Everything has changed!  Thank you Kerry for sharing this information with those of us who are ready." 

— Susan Lataille, DiscoverYou Events

"I have taken the class. To date I have less debt than I have in years. I earned more this year than ever and saved more than ever. My relationship with money very much improved and my relationship with me also improved. Kerry Cudmore is awesome."

— Janine Ouellette Sullivan, Journey du Jour

"There are so many different 'levels' of this class. It gives you an awareness of your relationship with money, even when you didn't know you had one. The power of this class is truly enhanced by the dynamics of the participants. It is impossible to complete this course without having been deeply touched by others' experiences as well as your own. Kerry knows exactly what to say and when to say it. I have never met anyone with such integrity, honesty, and desire to help others. Thank you Kerry you are one in a million."

— Denise Boisvert, Retirement Income Planner, New Bedford, MA

"This class gave me the courage to ask the questions of which I feared the truth. Now that I have the truth, I am free. Thank you Kerry."

— Dawna Cosme, Writer/Student

"Loved, loved, loved, the class. Delving deep into the depths of the unspeakable (money) ... bringing up what needs to be dealt with and handled was sometimes difficult but ending triumphantly. Definately worth taking no matter where you are on your financial journey."

— Carolyn Machado, Massage Therapist

"Kerry's Spiritual Finance class was an incredible experience and journey of exploring my relationship with money. She used unique exercises and modalities to incite a new and exciting thought process in order to analyze, acknowledge and modify how I feel about money. Kerry is a gifted and sensitive coach and leader ... I highly recommend her."

— Dana T. Duellman, My Perfect Space

“Kerry's class changed the way I deal with money and look at my life! I would recommend it to everyone.”

— Jeanne Boisvert, Pediatric RN

“Truly worth your time and energy. Kerry makes you look at money in a whole new way. Now I understand the reason the class is called ‘Spiritual’ Finance. I came away with a ‘calmer’ feeling toward my finances and a better understanding of how money affects your overall outlook on life. The transformation I saw in fellow classmates was awe inspiring.”

— Robin, Webmaster, Westport Happenings.com

“Taking any class with Kerry always exceeds my expectations. This class was eye opening and really brought home the fact that more about this very important topic should be taught and talked about ... It helps you to explore what is often an uncomfortable and painful subject. Really gets you present and personal with finances on a spiritual level ...The homework was interesting and challenging but really made the course worth the time and thought required to complete the tasks. Thank you Kerry for offering this class for free. Very informative.”

— Janet Rego, Retail Sales Rep., Verizon Wireless

“Sometimes it is a small thing, like saying yes to something, that makes a difference in your life. I am glad I said yes to Kerry’s financial/spiritual class.”

— Jennifer P. Heald