Coaching Testimonials


Amisha, from offers her amazingly-kind-beautiful-generous unsolicited testimonial!:















"Coaching has been influential to my moving forward toward goals I wish to achieve. Kerry Cudmore, my coach, has unique insights and the ability to spin my thought process, thus removing obstacles and roadblocks. This allows me to shift my thinking and envision the possibilites my future holds. She champions me to achieve and realize that nothing is beyond my grasp."

— D.G.


"Replenished, refreshed, nourished, and energized! Kerry's coaching is masterful. I attribute my growing success in life and business to this special, trusted, and inspiring relationship."

— Susan Edwards, Principal
Extra Mile Design


"Kerry's challenges to me have gotten me out of my comfort zone, and I've accomplished things I never would have done otherwise."

— Jim Shipsky
Jim Shipsky Ecological Design


"I worked with Kerry for a little over a month, and during that time I went from feeling lost and directionless to feeling confident that even though I didn't know all the particulars of my next step in life, I knew where I wanted to be. During that time, many people were helping and supporting me, and I believe my work with Kerry was a piece that helped things to move along more quickly and smoothly. She listened to me, to my tone of voice, to what I was expressing both directly and indirectly. She asked me questions that were often provocative, many of which led to deeper reflection on the issue. Through all of this, much of my energy that had been stuck in the same mode for a long time became freed up, and I now see myself as a powerful woman (and I have evidence that testifies to this!)."

— Jayleigh


"In a world that has lost its evening fires, bathhouses, and quilting circles, we need coaches to remind us of things like fulfillment, self-discovery, renewal, and worth. Kerry is a natural coach and has given me the tools to accomplish what I strive for. And to regain what I lost, myself."

— Lynn Chancer