Schedule of Upcoming Events


Ongoing—a few spaces available—Healer/Artist/Entrepreneur Coaching Group


3/10/19  DiscoverYou Wellness Expo


5/5/19  Spiritual Finance Advanced Community begins—Spring/Summer Session


5/9/19  Healer/Artist/Entrepreneur Coaching Group begins—Spring/Summer Session


5/31/19 - 6/2/19  Magical Mystery Weekend Retreat with Kerry Cudmore & Jessica Kozak


6/15/19  Curious Wisdom hosted by Carrie Klaiber Lynch of Care4You


7/20/19  Sacred Firewalking


9/5/19  Healer/Artist/Entrepreneur Coaching Group begins—Autumn Session


9/15/19  Spiritual Finance Advanced Community begins—Autumn Session


9/28/19  Sacred Firewalking