A Year of Coaching

A unique opportunity ...


Kerry's year of signature one-on-one coaching and mentorship is offered to just 10 clients. This program provides the opportunity to experience a year of dedicated focus on your goals and dreams. Included are nine months of personalized one-on-one coaching and mentorship, financed over a period of twelve months.


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Kerry works with clients (meeting twice a month by phone) in January, February and March, with a break in April. Resuming work in May, June and July, with a break in August. And resuming again in September, October and November, with a break in December. (Your "year" will begin when you register.)


The benefit of paying over 12 months is that it spreads the payments out; making it easier to budget.


This program is only available by direct debit via Paypal using your debit or credit card or bank account (where available).


This program has 10 spaces available at $300/mo. This represents a total value of $3600 of one-on-one coaching and mentorship. (Nine months valued at $400/month.)


If you are interested in finding out if this could be a fit for you, please reserve a time for a complimentary consultation with Kerry.