Praise for ...

"A New Relationship With Money"


"Kerry Cudmore's book is a refreshing, no-nonsense approach to money. Financial headaches are a 'symptom.' This book gets to the 'cause,' and helps readers correct the attitudes that are actually creating their problems. How Cudmore discovered her insights about money is an entertaining journey that will benefit all who read her book. If you know anyone in financial distress, do them a favor and gift them a copy of 'A New Relationship With Money.'"

 Tolly Burkan







"Kerry Cudmore’s book 'A New Relationship with Money' is overflowing with vital information that will transform your relationship and belief system about money. Kerry insightfully awakens our connection to money, teaches us how it affects our lives and encourages us on a journey that is empowered and revered. This book is your first step towards financial peace. You deserve it!"

 Roland M. Comtois







"Money and people both can be vehicles of transformation. Kerry Cudmore has written a remarkably simple, yet powerful little book about living harmoniously with money. Presented with brave elegance and presenting strikingly fresh views, 'A New Relationship with Money' gently and skillfully walks the reader through re-assessing and re-envisioning how to live with money. Not just dispensing how-to directives, but re-introducing people to their own underlying inspiration, intentions, and values so that they might become full of themselves, using their own inner resources, in the best way possible."

Edward Espe Brown 







"I took Kerry Cudmore's Spiritual Finance class many years ago, and it played an essential part in changing my relationship with money during a time when financial survival was a major challenge. Over the years her words continue to appear in my head, providing steady guidance and clarity. This book is a beautifully written and accessible introduction to Kerry's work, and it offers a window into many of the insights her course brought to me. Whether your money relationship needs a complete overhaul—as it did for Kerry when she began this process—or just a tune up, the wisdom she has amassed is deep. Well done!"

Deborah Barlow